State of the Art: Where Fiction Leads, Science Follows

New software could help diagnose cancer and solve crimes…

Software that is able to distinguish between malignant and benign tissues may also help bring forensic pathology nearer to fictional depictions. The Software, known as Spatially Invariant Vector Quantization (SIVQ), was the topic of a recent study published online by researchers from the University of Michigan Health System and Rutgers University in Analytical Cellular Pathology.

To demonstrate its flexibility for use in forensic pathology, Bruce P. Levy, M.D., a research fellow in pathology at Harvard Medical School, used SIVQ to work out the area of bullet wounds and the distance from which a gun had been fired.

Being able to use software like SIVQ to analyze forensic images helps to bring the practice of forensic pathology closer to the high-tech fictional world of CSI,”

— Bruce P. Levy, M.D., a research fellow in pathology, Harvard Medical School

The authors of the study emphasize that SIVQ is meant to make available an additional diagnostic resource for human pathologists, not to be a substitute for their skill. All of the primary data from the study is freely available to other doctors and researchers at the University of Michigan’s online digital imaging repository,

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3 thoughts on “State of the Art: Where Fiction Leads, Science Follows”

  1. Dead on target Tony! Science fiction is where the vision for our robots came from – it has driven many innovative technologies. It certainly drives the thinking behind the Snow Shovelling Robot!

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