About IT for Good

This blog explores information systems and technologies and their potential for making the world a better place.

I’ve been writing about information technology for a variety of audiences since 1997, when I began working for Microsoft Site Builder Network (SBN). Over the course of my career as a freelance writer, I’ve written for Microsoft, IBM, Dell, and many of the world’s top IT companies. My work has included:

  • White papers for both business and technical readers
  • A series of monthly interviews with some of the brightest and best online developers
  • Scores of software case studies
  • Numerous articles about IT-related issues
  • Presentations for internal, field, partner, and customer audiences
  • Internal sales and marketing/communications memos, reports, etc.

In addition, I co-edited the book, How the Web Was Won: Conquering the Digital Frontier (you will leave this site), published by Microsoft Press.

My freelance business writing services include marketing and communications targeted for CEOs and CTOs. For more information, please visit www.businesswriter.me.


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