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Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Top 10 Technologies
Gearing Up for Science-based Change: A list of important future technologies that it predicts will impact the world has been released by the World Economic Forum.

Intelligent technologies for adding value to information and handling “noisy data” are among the expected advances showcased in a list of “Important Technologies” that, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies, are poised to alter the world. The list was produced by a group of experts representing many areas, including science, businesses, and public policy.

“Accelerating progress in science and technology has stimulated a new age of discovery, and many of the technologies identified by the council are critical to building a sustainable and resilient future.”

 — Sang Yup Lee, Council Chair Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

In alphabetical order, the Council’s top 10 emerging technologies are as follows:

  • Enhanced Education Technology
  • Green Revolution 2.0 – Technologies for Increased Food and Biomass
  • High Energy Density Power Systems
  • Informatics for Adding Value to Information
  • Nanoscale Design of Materials
  • Personalized Medicine, Nutrition and Disease Prevention
  • Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering
  • Systems Biology and Computational Modeling and Simulation of Chemical and Biological Systems
  • Utilization of Carbon Dioxide as a Resource
  • Wireless Power

While the Council members expect that technological progress in these areas could have major impacts on social, economic, and environmental issues, they also caution that their “safe and successful development is far from guaranteed.”

Explore further at http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-02/tkai-iet021412.php

To see the full list of emerging technologies, visit http://forumblog.org/2012/02/the-2012-top-10-emerging-technologies

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Nanotech Research May Help Reduce Need for Animal Testing

Monkeys, rats, and their human friends around the world are applauding researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT in Munich today. The EMFT team announced yesterday that they may have found an alternative to animal testing.

Their research looks at using nanosensors to help decrease the need for experiments that involve the use of animals. While the applause may be justified, a standing ovation would be premature. As the researchers point out, “…before this procedure can be applied, it must first be approved by the regulatory authorities.”

Our nanosensors allow us to detect adenosine triphosphate and determine the state of health of cells. This makes it possible to assess the cell-damaging effects of medical compounds or chemicals.”

— Dr. Jennifer Schmidt, Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies

What do you think? Considering the increasing speed of technical advances, should regulatory authorities expedite their approval processes?

Learn more at http://www.fraunhofer.de/en/press/research-news/2012/january/fewer_animal_experimentsthankstonanosensors-researchnewsjanuary2.html

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