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Phone Tech Helping People with Mental Illnesses

Researchers hope to promote further discussion and research into the potential for smartphones in assessing and treating mental health issues.

Smartphone technology is helping psychiatry researchers to find new ways to assess and treat schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Among the approaches that are being evaluated are using mobile devices to collect patient information and deliver interventions.

We are using the technology that is already in your pocket to create a completely new medium for psychotherapeutic intervention. You can have therapy with you and accessible to you whenever and wherever you have the need, potentially anywhere in the world.”

— Dror Ben-Zeev, assistant professor of psychiatry, Dartmouth Medical School

Ben-Zeev hopes that four papers now available online will encourage further discussion and research into the potential role of smartphones and cell phones in mental health services. In tandem with the research, Ben-Zeev is working with community agencies, rehab centers, and with people who are currently receiving clinical services.

Learn more at http://now.dartmouth.edu/author/jblumberg/

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