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Smartphones Can “Dramatically Improve” Life Quality for the Visually Impaired

Despite their accessibility features, researchers found that vision doctors had recommended smartphones to only a small percentage of patients.

A study co-authored by a Loyola University ophthalmologist found that although smartphones have great potential for helping the visually impaired, not many vision doctors recommend the devices to their patients.

Smartphones can dramatically improve the quality of life of people with poor vision. Young, visually impaired patients are getting ahead of their doctors.  Low-vision specialists should be getting out in front on this rather than being behind the curve.”

—Dr. Walter M. Jay, Professor of Ophthalmology, Loyola University

Some of the accessibility features available on smartphones that can help the visually impaired include variable font sizes, the ability to make screens brighter, and features like GPS that help people find their way around.

How is technology changing your life for the better?

Learn more at http://www.loyolamedicine.org/News/News_Releases/news_release_detail.cfm?var_news_release_id=973441782

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