Phone Apps Planned for Stroke Patients, Caregivers

SUNY Downstate Medical Center has received an award to develop mobile phone apps to help enhance stroke patient care.

The federally funded Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) has awarded $500,000 to SUNY Downstate Medical Center to develop applications for mobile phones designed to help stroke patients and their caregivers.

…progress has been limited in providing successful mobile technology to help patients manage cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other illnesses. Nevertheless, there is enormous potential for patients and their caregivers to improve health outcomes through this technology, including among the elderly, minorities, and those of limited financial means, who are often most in need of better care. We are looking to develop a model program that will address stroke risk and disease management that will be applicable to other conditions as well.”

— Steven R. Levine, MD, professor of neurology and emergency medicine, SUNY Downstate

The planned smartphone apps will make possible better identification and make it easier to manage healthcare needs and risk factors. The award is part of PCORI’s Pilot Projects Program, whose mission is to support research designed to offer patients, caregivers, and clinicians information to make better healthcare decisions.

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