NASA, Art Students Working Together on Moon Robot UI

English: NASA's K10 robot "Black" un...
NASA’s K10 robot “Black” is shown undergoing testing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next summer, astronauts on the space station will attempt to operate a NASA K10 robot located on Earth. To carry out this engineering test, NASA is working with Industrial Design students at the Academy of Art University to create the robot’s user interface (UI).

At the beginning of the semester, we challenged the students to propose new user interface concepts and we are extremely pleased with what they produced. This collaboration has been a tremendous success as we’ve begun to explore the design space in new ways thanks to the creative thinking of Academy of Art University students.”

Terry Fong, director of the Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA Ames

The design students regularly interacted with NASA engineers from NASA’s Ames Research Center during the last semester. In future space missions, the students’ work could help astronauts remotely control robots on the moon or other planets.

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