Teacher Knowledge is Key to Successful Computer Use in Schools

University of Gothenburg researchers are studying One to One Computing and how its methods and outcomes compare to traditional classrooms.

The educational effects of the One to One Computing initiative – a computer for every student – are under the microscope in Sweden.

University of Gothenburg researchers are assessing the ways educational processes change due to access to information and communication technology (ICT).

The researchers are specifically interested in learning how traditional classroom fare differs from what happens in classrooms where the One to One initiative has been put into practice.

ICT should be seen as a tool that is an integral part of subject matter knowledge – for example, knowledge in mathematics is not only knowledge of abstract mathematical concepts but also how to solve problems using mathematics software for modeling, simulation and visualization. ICT is more and more becoming a natural part of teaching and learning, like paper and pencils.”

— Professor Berner Lindström, The University of Gothenburg, Sweden

The effects of the One to One initiative, according to Lindström, depend upon teachers’ knowledge of computer technologies, including “…advanced subject matter knowledge; knowledge of how to use ICT for pedagogical purposes; knowledge and skills of how personally to use ICT; knowledge about ICT and societal changes; and furthermore, knowledge of how to work with ICT and school development on the classroom level.”

How is technology changing your life for the better?

Learn more at http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-05/uog-tti051512.php

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