Interactive Bird Guide Helping Researchers Improve Online Image Searches

The Visipedia app asks questions to help the user identify bird species. From top to bottom: User submits image, app asks user to tap on bird’s head, and app uses that information to correctly identify the bird’s species. [Photo: Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego.]
Researchers at UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, and Caltech have designed an iPad app that is able to identify most North American birds “with a little help from a human user.”

The interactive field guide asks users questions to find a match to the picture they’ve uploaded. The system will provide more accurate results the more people use it.

We chose birds for several reasons: there is an abundance of excellent photos of birds available on the Internet, the diversity in appearance across different bird species presents a deep technical challenge and, perhaps most importantly, there is a large community of passionate birders who can put our system to the tes.”

— Serge Belongie, computer scientist and project lead, Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego

The app uses computer vision algorithms to analyze a picture submitted by a user, asks questions, and calls up images and information about a likely match.

The ornithology lab at Cornell has contributed a database of images of more than 500 North American species.

We are helping Visipedia reach an audience of birders who are hungry for this kind of technology.”

— Jessie Barry, researcher, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The ultimate goal of the research is to find better ways to search images on the web.

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Request a demo version of the app:

Visipedia is a joint project between Pietro Perona’s Vision Group at Caltech and Serge Belongie’s Vision Group at UCSD.

Learn more at–csd050712.php

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