Computer within a Diamond ‘Breaks New Ground’

Could a diamond be a geek’s best friend?

Working with funding from the National Science Foundation and the US Army Research Office’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative, scientists have created a quantum computer inside a diamond.

The computer includes a type of protection against “decoherence” or “noise,” which helps to improve performance.

The demonstration shows the viability of solid-state quantum computers, which – unlike earlier gas- and liquid-state systems – may represent the future of quantum computing because they can be easily scaled up in size. Current quantum computers are typically very small and – though impressive – cannot yet compete with the speed of larger, traditional computers.”

— Announcement, University of Southern California

While practical uses for quantum computers are difficult for some to imagine, others believe such computers could help to factor massive numbers, be used to break codes, or even be used to simulate molecular behavior.

Read the full announcement at

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