Rx. for Memory Loss – Smartphones?

Soon, people with moderate-to-severe memory impairment may be able to regain some of their independence using smartphones or other mobile devices. Researchers from Baycrest, a developer of aging and brain health innovations that is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, explain how this week in an online release ahead of print publication in the international journal Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.

Our findings demonstrate that it is possible to harness powerful emerging technologies with brain science in an innovative way to give people with a range of memory deficits some of their independence back.”

— Eva Svoboda, a clinical neuropsychologist in the Neuropsychology and Cognitive Health Program, Baycrest

The study’s authors believe that commercial technologies such as mobile electronic devices and smartphones hold enormous possibilities for people with memory impairment because of their inherent storage capacity, their potential for auditory and vibration alerts, the rich effects available through their multimedia capabilities, and the high appeal of consumer devices for end-users.

Learn more at http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-02/bcfg-sth020812.php

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