Money for Change: Online Showcase Seeks Young Visionaries

More than just pennies for your thoughts…

Think you may know what’s at the root of the world’s ills? Have a bright idea that could create meaningful change? Here’s your opportunity to get a little attention and maybe even some big backing.

The Visionary Project Fair, an online multimedia showcase, is set to launch in February. By re-purposing the time-honored practice of the school “science fair” and updating it for worldwide participation via the internet, the fair is giving individual students and classrooms the chance to “present innovative ideas for positive change across a wide range of social and environmental issues.”

Participants can share educational, artistic, or activist-based projects to compete for sponsorships, grants, and other resources.

“We wanted to create an accessible environment where individuals and students could submit their positive ideas and projects, while encouraging them to explore the root causes of the issues they are addressing. By initiating dialogue among a supportive group of peers, and sharing projects that consider the core issues common to many social and environmental topics, our goal is to inspire achievable and sustainable solutions on a global scale.”

— Carina Koury-Jones, project director, educator, and member, Up the River Endeavors

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