The Role of Technology in Ensuring Equal Opportunities for Quality Education

Making Education a “Transformational Power for Human Dignity”

On Wednesday, Irina Bokova, the head of UNESCO (the United Nations agency tasked with promoting education) noted the role that information and communications technologies can play in “ensuring quality education and equal opportunities to learning even in countries that lag behind because of limited resources.” [Source: UN News]

Progress is more than a question of money. It is all about matching. Matching capacity with needs. This means making the most of innovation, notably in technology. It means building innovative partnerships…such as through the Global Alliance of Corporate Partners for Education that we are aiming to establish this year.”

— Irina Bokova, Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO)

Noting the potential for technology to enhance education, Ms. Bokova praised the power of public-private partnership, which she sees as “a new form of ‘civilian power’ that will help shape the 21st century,” and added that technology “must be integrated into learning and accompanied by new teaching styles.”

To that end, UNESCO’s “Information and Communication Technology Competency Framework for Teachers” project is creating guidelines which the organization hopes will help educators build the skills needed to take advantage of new technologies and thereby advance education. The framework is a joint effort comprising Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, the International Society for Technology in Education, experts from the Commonwealth of Learning, and other private sector partners.

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